How to Shop online?

Select SHOP NOW icon and select category. Select product and Decide which product you would like to buy and click the ‘ADD to CART’ button. You can do the same for any or all of the items that you wish to purchase, once you have finished purchasing you click on the basket icon and you can see all the items listed in your basket. At this stage you can add, edit quantity and delete items at your will.
Once you are happy with your items you can click proceed to checkout and our step by step system will guide you through the payment and delivery options. Your order will be then safely purchased through our secure payment systems. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards, Paypal, Shop and other payment processing.


Do I need to set up an account?

No you can check out as a guest; however we do recommend you set up an account so that you can track your order and leave feedback. You can also easily and safely shop again knowing that your details have been saved securely.
To create an account click on ‘Sign In or Register’ option at the top of the page and you will be able to sign in as a returning customer or register for a new customer account. You will need to give a few details such as an email address and create a password.


What type of gift can I give to my other half or my family member or friends?

Our gifts have some function with beauty. Most of gifts contain one health benefit apart from beauty benefit. Our selection had medical ID, customized bracelets, magnetic bracelets, Copper bracelets, Silver bracelets and so on. We welcome ideas to customize for larger orders (e.g. weddings, gift for team, office gifts, logos, etc.)


Can I request Customization of gift or gift boxes?

We will love to help you for your next event for customization. Customization costs can be negligible for orders above $100. Please email us or call us. We have inhouse capabilities for laser and mechanical customization and we will love to customize your gifts.


Does the bracelet have to have a firm fit around the wrist?

Yes, it should fit firmly so that the magnets on the magnetic bracelet are touching your skin. Ensure it is not too tight or uncomfortable. The magnetic bracelet should be snug but comfortable to ensure maximum benefit.
Magnetic bangle –most magnetic bangles will have some leeway for adjustment, but you should always measure your wrist before buying one to guarantee a good fit.
 Magnetic wristband – if you have a link style magnetic wristband then a 1cm gap between the magnetic bracelet and your wrist is ideal, any looser then it won’t be beneficial any tighter and it will be far too uncomfortable and difficult to take on and off. As there are more magnets on a magnetic wristband a looser fit is fine.


Should I be worried about the green mark on my wrist from the magnetic bracelet?

No, the green mark on your wrist is harmless as it is copper residue and a sign that the copper from the copper bracelet is being partially absorbed into your skin, the surplus copper is left on your skin. It can be easily washed off with warm soapy water.


Should I be worried about the discoloration on my wrist from the magnetic bracelet or discoloration on bracelet?

No, the color mark on your wrist is harmless as it is removal of thin film  It can be easily washed off with warm soapy water.


Should I wear my magnetic bracelet 24/7? Can I take it off?

You can take your magnetic bracelet off particularly if you are showering or going to get wet. Ideally you should wear your magnetic bracelet most of the time to reap maximum healing benefits of the magnetic bracelet.


Do the magnets have to be in position to a certain part of the wrist?

Ideally yes see below, in general if the magnets are in contact with your skin then that is enough.
If you have a magnetic bangle, then the magnetic points should be in line with your inside of your wrists where your strongest pulse point is. If you have a magnetic link bracelet then there are more magnets on that type of magnetic bracelet, and it can align on any part of the wrist.


I have a magnetic bangle does the open part have to be in a specific place on my wrist?

As mentioned above yes, it would be best for the open part where the magnets are situated on the bracelet to sit on the inside of your wrist, so they align with your pulse points.


Do the magnets on the bracelet need a maintenance? How long do the magnets last?

No the magnets on your magnetic bracelet don’t really need any maintenance, just ensure you keep them clean and dry. Magnets do loose a slight bit of magnetism over the years, but their strength and healing power is still effective and lasts several decades.


I think I am getting an allergic reaction to the magnetic bracelet what should I do?

The allergic reaction if any could be due to nickel, all our magnetic bracelets are nickel free so you should not get a reaction from ours.


What are your strongest magnetic bracelets and links?

All our magnetic bracelets have the same level of strength. Each of our magnetic bracelets have at least 6 magnets and each magnet have a graded strength of 3000 gauss giving better Magnetic Therapy than just two magnets.

Health Protection and EMF protection:

We do not claim that our products treat or mitigate or cure any diseases. Our products are jewelry and not a medical device as per definition of USFDA.


EMF protection:

Copper is the most reliable metal in EMI shielding because it is highly effective in attenuating magnetic and electrical waves. From hospital MRI facilities to basic computer equipment, use of copper in RFI shielding serves the purpose effectively. You can see lot more about shielding here.