Jewelry makes us feel good and allows us to express our personality. Jewelry made of certain metals, gems and crystals. A lot of people believe in the power of metals and crystals because of having medicinal properties for centuries, especially copper and silver. Copper and silver jewelry looks luxurious, a casual and elegant choice that looks great with every skin tone, hair color and clothing style. 

  1. Copper  

Copper is a pure, natural and oldest metal ore with a wide range of qualities. Its warm reddish glow contrasts beautifully with silver and makes it a beautiful choice for jewelry. It is less expensive to gold. It is still trendy and highly sought after jewelry today due to its therapeutic powers and beauty. Copper jewelry has been worn and used since ancient times and is known to provide a variety of internal and external healing effects to the wearer. In fact, it is necessary for our health and safety.

The minerals in copper are gently absorbed by the skin while it is worn, providing physical healing effects. It's a natural antibacterial that may quickly eliminate hazardous germs. It is an important mineral for metabolic function, and it's been known to assist with arthritis, inflammation, digestion and headaches issues. It can also boost your energy levels because it is a good conductor. It is recognized to aid in the balancing of the chakras (various energy centers in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles and internal organs) on a holistic and spiritual level which historically been connected with the body metal and regarded a grounding metal for the human body.

Health Benefits of Wearing Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets have therapeutic effects on the human body. It has been used in this way since the Egyptian culture, according to inscriptions and various reported versions. For a long time wearing a pure copper bracelet results an extraordinary anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving capabilities.

  • Joint stiffness and joint pain

Thousands of patients, particularly those with joint stiffness, have experienced comfort and relaxation as a result of this treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties of copper reduce pain associated with arthritis. It also works for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis however, it is a chronic condition. Copper wearers have noticed a significant improvement to emit the necessary healing energy within the body, whether the bracelet or ring is worn. It also inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms like viruses, fungi and bacteria, etc.

  • Mineral absorption

Micro minerals such as iron and zinc are found in the pure bracelet. These minerals are absorbed directly into the blood stream in adequate quantities when they interact with sweat on the skin. This gives rise to the mineral supplementation, fact confirmed by Scientia Press researchers. Those people who have iron and zinc deficiency can take this simple and effective alternative treatment methodology. Theoretically, minerals are better absorbed through the body’s sweat than minerals taken through supplements. Because, when minerals are absorbed through sweat, they enter directly into the bloodstream, without going to the liver.

  • Improve cardiovascular health

Deficiency of copper and its properties may results in aortic aneurysms. Studies revealed that deficiency of copper can cause an imbalance in the body which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels. The collective effects of this are damage to the heart and arteries. Copper is known to cross-link fibers, collagen and elastin to be specific and without this cross-linking, the onset of aortic aneurysms is rapid. Considering that elastin fibers encapsulate major portions of the aorta and surrounding regions, copper is a bare necessity to ensure that these fibers remain intact.

  • Healthy Immune system

Copper can eliminate the toxic effects of several other high-toxicity metals in the body. Apart from this, copper triggers a response from the enzymes that help the body create hemoglobin. More red blood cells in the body, feel healthy and fresh.

  • Anti-aging

Copper possesses anti-oxidant properties which prevent free ions and radicals from raising the toxicity within the body. Anti-aging properties of copper are as well-known. By improving the density of collage and elastic fibers, copper slows the aging process, not just on the outside, but also in the inside.

  1. Silver

As a metal, silver has significant health benefits that have been used across cultures for centuries. Silver is another metal that is said to be absorbed by the skin and provide medicinal health benefits. It helps to keep the blood vessels elastic, which may ultimately reduce blood pressure. It helps in bone formation and possess the pain killing properties also.

Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

  • Silver kills harmful bacteria

Silver has a proven as a powerful antimicrobial agent, fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and more. Other metals also interacts with bacteria's in similar ways, including gold, copper, and zinc, but silver is the most effective. Because of its chemical properties, silver destroys the enzymes of the bacteria and kills them. In the medical field, silver is a common active ingredient in bandages and ointments to treat burns.

  • Pain relief

Sliver may help with pain relief in wound dressings, in addition to killing harmful bacteria and being gentle on the skin. Silver may help with pain relief in wound dressings. If someone suffering from pain, especially in hands or hand, wear some jewelry made from silver.

  • Mental calm

Silver is often associated with mental calmness. Silver has a cool tone, which may keep relaxed and calm mood. Many people have reported improvements in energy levels and balance in moods after wearing silver jewelry, as its natural properties may offset outside electrical disturbances. This improve circulation and overall body temperature balance. It also helps to maintain cleanliness and immunity.

  • Hypoallergenic metal

In our daily life, we usually suffer allergies as reactions to foods, medicines, or particles in the air but in other way, metal allergies are in fact some of the most common. Nickel is the most prevalent, with as many as 18% of North Americans allergic to the metal. People who suffer from a metal allergy can get a rash on their skin just from coming into contact with that metal. Silver is one of the least allergenic metals and is one of the best options for people with sensitive skin.

Some people even go beyond jewelry to enjoy the health benefits of silver. For example, some people wear silver-lined sleep masks to improve their night’s rest or silver-lined gloves to wear while typing on a laptop to disrupt the transmission of electronic signals from technology into the body. Fashion designers have even started to explore the concept of incorporating this precious metal into clothing materials so people can enjoy the many health benefits of silver on a daily basis.


The Science Behind Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver has a distinctly scientific basis for its health benefits derived from its electrical and thermal conductivity. Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, which stimulates the body’s natural conductivity and improves blood circulation and maintains body temperature. Positively charged silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria that’s why silver can fight against harmful infection and disease.

For those that are unconvinced, consider that researchers at the University of Southampton have proven that wearing a specific type of silver ring can help to alleviate some symptoms of arthritis in the hands.

The results of this study revealed that wearing these specially designed silver splints helps to reduce pain with addition to preventing hyperextension in the finger joints. The researchers found that wearing these silver jewelry pieces also helped restore stability and range of motion in the swollen joints.